• About Us

• About Us

We started off in the late 90's reproducing graphics for the restoration of vintage motorcycles and quickly established ourselves as an industry leader by setting new standards for quality and service. To better serve our customers, we've expanded our business to offer more than just graphics.

Some of our famous customers include Eddie Lawson, Jay Leno and we are the supplier of OEM Windjammer graphics to Craig Vetter.

You will find a large selection of Kawasaki triple parts and many parts for Z1, KZ models. Our most recent area of growth is the addition of a large number of CB750, CB550, CB500, CB400 parts. We also have a growing number of parts for RD, RZ, GT and many other models. If we don't have what you need, we'll do our best to locate it.

Our staff has gone to great lengths to source hard to find OEM parts and the finest reproduction parts. We search all over the world so you don't have to. Restoring your vintage motorcycle is now a lot simpler.

Our Graphics

Reproduction Decals specializes in reprinting obsolete and unobtainable decals only. We exist because vintage motorcycle enthusiasts all over the world are restoring classic bikes. Many of our customers' restorations can be found in museums and show competitions all over the world. To many, it is important that they are correct in every detail. That's where we come in.

Now you can get labels and stripes, including many items never before available from the manufacturer, for the restoration of your vintage motorcycle. Unlike many suppliers, we produce all of our decals which allows us to maintain the highest level of quality at all times. Owned and operated by a longtime motorcycle enthusiast with over 25 years in the graphics industry, you can be confident that our products are second to none.

What sets our Decals apart

Restoration shops and individuals often ask us "why should I buy from you" or "why is you price a little higher than this company"? Our commitment to quality and customer service is unparalleled. Our staff is knowledgeable and take the time to assist you. We restore and ride vintage bikes.

We are uniquely different from other graphic reproduction companies. This is simply because our background is graphics and we are qualified, trained professionals in this field. Others are often motorcycle shops that have decided to dabble in motorcycle graphics in an attempt to cash in on the current interest in vintage motorcycles.

Product information

Although several companies may offer what appear to be the same graphics for the same model, they are not all created equal. We use 3M and Avery products exclusively and never use cheap materials to save money. Our printing process is thermal. Meaning the colors bond to the substrate using heat. We could use a cheaper process but our customers expect the best and we certainly couldn't offer the best decals using an inkjet printer. Our colors are printed as "spot colors". This means the colors are printed one at a time giving solid, uniform and consistent colors. Inkjet or "solvent based" printers will apply all colors at one time which sounds impressive, but is it? Not really. This process is quick and more cost effective but the quality suffers. What you get is a color that is inconsistent and made up of other colors which results in a finish that looks speckled or textured. It is also necessary for decals printed on a solvent based system to have a laminate applied or they must be clear coated. Otherwise washing your bike could result in the colors running. It makes sense. If they are applied with solvents, they will come off with solvents. Our process is more complicated and costly for us, but compromise is not an option as far as we are concerned.

We make every effort to locate NOS (new old stock) decals to work from whenever possible or use originals that have not faded. We set very high standards in order to provide you with the most accurate product possible. In many instances our quality is superior to the originals, while reproducing minor imperfections in the interest of originality. If you need graphics for your new motorcycle, please purchase them from the OEM or check with us in about fifteen years when they have become unavailable from the dealer. We exist to fulfill a need for obsolete and unobtainable decals.

None of our products are printed on an inkjet printer or use layered vinyl to create multi colored graphics. Our decals are printed on thin vinyl for longevity and ease of application. Application of clear coat over the graphics is recommended on fuel tanks and other areas that are susceptible to damage, as done by the manufacturer. We apply scratch resistant coating at the printing stage to help ensure long life for decals that are not going to be clear coated. MX decals (for plastic tanks) have a clear laminate for added durability and authenticity.

Over the years we have restored many vintage motorcycles using our own graphics, winning numerous awards for our work. Our customer's bikes are winning top honors in the most prestigious vintage motorcycle shows around the world and our products undoubtedly play a role.

It's attention to detail that will set your restoration apart from the rest. Don't settle for anything but the best.


Below are some of our recently completed and ongoing restorations

We ride and restore vintage bikes and know the quality of our products well because we use them.

This 1973 Z1 is our most recently completed restoration. We wanted to build this bike using many our own products to show the quality of the parts we offer and of course to return this iconic machine to it's former glory.

This 1970 H1 is our recently completed restoration and a permanent part of our collection of over 80 vintage motorcycles.

Our 1972 H2 is coming along well and we hope to finish the motor and complete this restoration very soon. Another fine addition to our collection.