• Applying Decals on Plastic Parts

• Applying Decals on Plastic Parts

Decals and Plastic Gas Tanks

Many off road machines have plastic gas tanks, side panels, number plates, fenders etc. Unfortunately, plastic is not an ideal surface for decals to adhere to. The fact is, most dirt bikes see more abuse during every ride than most street bikes will see in a lifetime. Aside from abuse of mud, dirt, abrasion and inevitably pressure washing, there is another issue. Because plastic is porous, flexible and affected by temperature, adhesion can be a problem.

The reason gas tanks are the worst possible surface to apply decals is "fuel". It is not just spillage while fueling or leaks. Because plastic is porous, over time gasses slowly make their way through the plastic and when they reach the outer surface your decals will start to lose their ability to adhere.

We have addressed this issue by printing all decals for plastic tanks on a more durable material. This is designed for use on plastic and has a more aggressive adhesive. We also apply a protective layer of clear laminate if the original graphics were supplied this way by the manufacturer.

Our decals are used on some restorations that are never ridden, while other customers use them on vintage racers or bikes they ride just for fun. Our decals are manufactured for durability as well as OEM appearance.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that our decals will last as long or longer than the OEM decals. Adhering to plastic is a big enough challenge, but to last on an older, well used tank is even more difficult. Careful cleaning and preparation prior to application will certainly help.