• Wheel Building

• Wheel Building

Expert wheel building services

We are equipped to blast and polish or paint your hubs on the premises. All hubs are inspected for cracks and any signs of damage before building new wheels. We also have some refinished Kawasaki hubs and a small selection of complete rebuilt wheels in stock and offer an exchange program to allow a faster turnaround time.

Many stainless or zinc plated spokes and chrome steel rims are in stock for many models that we specialize in. What we don\'t have we may be able to special order. Need new bearings and seals? We stock lots, and we can replace them for you.

Labor costs:
• $80 USD - Lace and true 36 or 40 spoke wheel
• $15 USD - Install new bearings and seals
• Blast and polish hub (call for pricing)
• Blast, mask and repaint front hub (call for pricing)
A new rim band is included on each wheel that we build.

There are too many options and rather than try to list them, it is best that you contact us to discuss your needs. Prices for spokes, rims and bearings vary. Please check our site for the parts needed or contact us if the parts you need are not listed.

Powdercoating is not a service that we offer and don't recommend it on hubs. If the powdercoating is too heavy which is common, it will prevent spokes from fitting through the mounting holes in the hub. For us to true a rebuilt wheel, it must have bearings in place.

Please contact us with your requirements at sales@reproductiondecals.com or call 519 668-7152